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List-1 (Annexure-I, Thomson Reuters (ISI) Journals, Scopus, Web of science)-Published in any one of the Journal prescribed by IOSRD Publication committee only


  1. Acta-graphica journal for printing sciences & graphic communications
  2. Architectural science review
  3. Archives of civil engineering
  4. Asian journal of research in social sciences and humanities
  5. Australian journal of structural engineering
  6. Biomaterials science
  7. Brazilian archives of biology and technology
  8. Earth and planetary science letters
  9. Energy engineering: journal of association of energy engineers
  10. Energy journal
  11. Engineering construction and architecture management
  12. Environmental science nano
  13. Geomechanics and geoengineering
  14. Geotechnical and geological engineering
  15. Geotechnical engineering
  16. Indian journal of science communication
  17. Institution of engineers(india):civil engineering division
  18. International journal for housing science and its applications
  19. International journal of applied decision sciences
  20. International journal of applied management science
  21. International journal of biomedical engineering and technology
  22. International journal of computational materials science and surface engineering
  23. International journal of educational sciences
  24. International journal of nanoscience
  25. International journal of printing, packaging & allied sciences
  26. International journal of u- & e- service, science & technology
  27. Journal of architectural engineering
  28. Transylvanian review
  29. Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics Journal of electrical engineering
  30. Journal of environmental engineering and landscape management
  31. Journal of imaging science and technology
  32. Journal of imaging science and technology
  33. Journal of packaging science and technology - japan
  34. Journal of structural engineering
  35. Journal of the faculty of engineering and architecture of gazi university
  36. Journal of the institution of engineers (india): civil engineering division
  37. Journal of the institution of engineers (india): series
  38. Landscape and ecological engineering
  39. Polish journal of medical physics and engineering
  40. Procedia materials science
  41. Proceedings of the ice: bridge engineering
  42. Proceedings of the ice: engineering and computational mechanics
  43. Structural engineering/earthquake engineering
  44. The delhi university journal of the humanities and the social sciences
  45. The journal of engineering


List-2 International Journals (Annexure-II, Scopus, EBSCO, Ulrich)-Published in any one of the author’s prescribed International journal only


  1. Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, Accept Multi disciplinary subjects, ISSN: 19950772, Anna University-Annexure II, , Sl No: 559
  2. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Accept Multi disciplinary subjects, ISSN: 0974 - 2115, Anna University-Annexure II, Sl No: 10518, Scopus
  3. International journal of Vehicle structures and systems ISSN:0975-3060 Anna University - Annexure II, Sl No:9454, Scopus
  4. Journal of Applied sciences and research, ISSN: 1816-157X, Ulrich Periodicals, EBSCO HOST indexed
  5. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, ISSN: 1991-8178, Ulrich Periodicals, EBSCO HOST indexed
  6. American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, ISSN:19950748, Anna University-Annexure II, Sl No.1014
  7. World applied science journal, Annexure-II
  8. Middle east journal of scientific research, , Annexure-II


List-3 ( Annexure-II, Thomson Reuters (ISI) Journals, Scopus, Web of science)


  1. Research Journal of Fisheries and Hydrobiology (RJFH), Thomson Reuters (ISI), Science Impact Factor (SIF)=1.68, InfoBase Impact Factor (IBI Factor)=4.19, ISSN:1816-9112 (Print)
  2. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Scopus, ISI & Web of Science, Anna University-Annexure II, ISSN : 0974-6846
  3. Advances in Environmental Biology (AEB), Thomson Reuters (ISI), (SJIF 2012 = 2.726), ISSN:19950756, Anna University-Annexure II, Sl No.508
  4. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Science, ISI & Web of Science, ISSN:2313-3724


List-4 International Journals (ISI and Scopus Under processing, Impact Factor, Doi, Cros Ref,  Google Scholar) -Published in any one of the author’s prescribed IOSRD International journal only


  1. Journal of Curriculum and Instruction
  2. Journal of Critical Pedagogy
  3. Journal of Comparative Education
  4. International Journal of Urban Planning
  5. International Journal of Landscape Architecture
  6. International Journal of Interior Design
  7. Journal of Historic Preservation
  8. Journal of Architectural Analytics
  9. International Journal of Entomology
  10. Journal of Agrology
  11. Journal of Animal Husbandry
  12. International Journal of Agronomy
  13. Journal of Agroecology
  14. Journal of Biocybernetics
  15. Journal of Cybernetics
  16. Journal of Complex Systems
  17. Journal of Conceptual Systems
  18. Journal of Chaos Theory
  19. Journal of Network Science
  20. International Journal of Computer Architecture
  21. International Journal of Data Structures
  22. International Journal of Algorithms
  23. Journal of Operating Systems
  24. Journal of VLSI Design
  25. Journal of Theory of Computation
  26. Journal of Lie Algebra
  27. International Journal of Linear Algebra
  28. Journal of Field Theory
  29. Global Journal of Ring Theory
  30. Global Journal of Group Theory
  31. Global Journal of Algebra
  32. International Journal of Geochemistry
  33. International Journal of Geodesy
  34. Journal of Gemology
  35. Journal of Environmental chemistry
  36. Global Journal of Environmental Science
  37. Journal of Edaphology
  38. Journal of Condensed Matter Physics
  39. International Journal of Computational Physics
  40. Journal of Atomic, Molecular, And Optical Physics
  41. International Journal of Astrophysics
  42. International Journal of Applied Physics
  43. Journal of Acoustics
  44. Global Journal of Chemical Biology
  45. Global Journal of Chemical Engineering
  46. International Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry
  47. Journal of Astrochemistry
  48. Global Journal of Analytical Chemistry
  49. Journal of Agro Chemistry
  50. Journal of Human Anatomy
  51. Journal of Comparative Anatomy
  52. Journal of Aerobiology
  53. Journal of Community Informatics
  54. Journal of Collective Behavior
  55. Journal of Chinese Sociology
  56. Journal of Architectural Sociology
  57. Journal of Applied Sociology
  58. Journal of Analytical Sociology
  59. International Journal of Clinical Psychology
  60. International Journal of Black Psychology
  61. International Journal of Biological Psychology
  62. International Journal of Asian Psychology
  63. International Journal of Applied Psychology
  64. International Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  65. International Journal of International Relations
  66. International Journal of European Studies
  67. Journal of Comparative Politics
  68. Journal of Civics
  69. Journal of Canadian Politics
  70. Journal of American Politics
  71. Global Journal of Industrial Organization
  72. Journal of Human Resources Management
  73. Global Journal of Entrepreneurship
  74. Journal of Decision Science
  75. International Journal of Business Ethics
  76. International Journal of Business Economics
  77. International Journal of Economic Geography
  78. Journal of Feminist Geography
  79. International Journal of Cultural Geography
  80. Journal of Human Geography
  81. Journal of Cartography
  82. International Journal of Human sexuality
  83. Journal of Human sexual behavior
  84. Journal of Hetero Sexism
  85. Journal of Feminine Psychology
  86. Journal of Computational Economics
  87. Journal of Complexity Economics
  88. International Journal of Bioeconomics
  89. Journal of Behavioural Economics
  90. International Journal of Applied Economics
  91. Journal of Anarchist Economics
  92. International Journal of Agricultural Economics
  93. IOSRD International Journal of Engineering
  94. IOSRD International Journal of Physics
  95. International Journal of Computer Science
  96. IOSRD International Journal of Medicine
  97. IOSRD International Journal of Business
  98. International Journal of Education
  99. IOSRD International Journal of Applied Mathematics
  100. International Journal of Pure Mathematics
  101. International Journal of Environmental Studies and Forestry
  102. International Journal of Architecture
  103. International Journal of Agriculture
  104. International Journal of Social Work
  105. IOSRD International Journal of Public Administration
  106. International Journal of Military Science
  107. International Journal of Library and Museum Studies
  108. International Journal of Law
  109. International Journal of Journalism, Media Studies and Communication
  110. International Journal of Divinity
  111. International Journal of Human Physical Performance and Recreation
  112. International Journal of Family and Consumer Science
  113. International Journal of Linguistics
  114. International Journal of Human History
  115. International Journal of Transportation
  116. International Journal of Space Science
  117. IOSRD International Journal of Earth Science
  118. International Journal of Chemistry
  119. International Journal of Biology
  120. International Journal of Sociology
  121. IOSRD International Journal of Psychology
  122. International Journal of Political Science
  123. International Journal of Geography
  124. International Journal of Gender and Sexuality Studies
  125. International Journal of Economics
  126. International Journal of Cultural and Ethnic studies
  127. International Journal of Area Studies
  128. International Journal of Archaeology
  129. IOSRD International Journal of Anthropology
  130. International Journal of Religion
  131. International Journal of Philosophy
  132. International Journal of Arts
  133. International Journal of Literature
  134. International Journal of Statistics
  135. International Journal of Logic
  136. IOSRD International Journal of Systems Science
  137. International Journal of Composite Materials and Processing
  138. Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies
  139. Journal of Culturology
  140. Journal of Ethnology
  141. Journal of Ethnic Studies
  142. Journal of Classical Archaeology
  143. Journal of Organizational Studies
  144. Global Journal of Religion
  145. Journal of Visual Arts
  146. Journal of Fashion design
  147. Journal of Industrial design
  148. Journal of Graphic design
  149. Global Journal of Competition law
  150. Journal of Photography
  151. Journal of Filmmaking
  152. Journal of Painting
  153. Journal of Drawing
  154. Journal of Animation
  155. Journal of Legal Management
  156. Journal of Administrative law
  157. Journal of Hinduism
  158. Global Journal of Cultural Studies
  159. Journal of Constitutional law
  160. Journal of African Religions
  161. Journal of Canon law
  162. Journal of Egyptology
  163. Journal of Sikhism
  164. Journal of Jainism
  165. Journal of Buddhism
  166. Global Journal of Comparative law
  167. Global Journal of Social Philosophy
  168. Journal of Philosophical Traditions
  169. Global Journal of Aesthetics
  170. Global Journal of Ethics
  171. Journal of Epistemology
  172. Journal of Recording
  173. Journal of Organology
  174. Journal of Ethnomusicology
  175. Global Journal of Music
  176. Journal of Arts Administration
  177. Journal of Creative Nonfiction
  178. Journal of Rhetoric
  179. Journal of Literary Criticism
  180. Journal of Post-Modern Literature
  181. Journal of World Literature
  182. Journal of Grammar
  183. Journal of Discourse Analysis
  184. Journal of Modern Language
  185. Journal of Classical Language
  186. Journal of Business English
  187. Journal of European History
  188. Global Journal of Asian History
  189. Journal of Australian History
  190. International Journal of American History
  191. International Journal of African History
  192. Journal of Medieval literature
  193. Journal of Comparative literature
  194. Journal of Poetry
  195. Journal of Interlinguistics
  196. Journal of Historical linguistics
  197. Journal of Etymology
  198. Journal of Chinese Folk Religion
  199. Journal of Cultural Anthropology
  200. Global Journal of English Studies
  201. Journal of Computational linguistics
  202. Journal of Highway Safety
  203. Journal of Marine Transportation
  204. Journal of Commercial Policy
  205. Journal of Agricultural Policy
  206. Global Journal of Gerontology
  207. Journal of Child Welfare
  208. Journal of Intermodal Transportation Studies
  209. Global Journal of Military History
  210. Global Journal of Leadership
  211. Journal of Speech Communication
  212. Journal of Digital Journalism
  213. Journal of Broadcast Journalism
  214. Journal of Toy and Amusement Design
  215. Global Journal of Sports Medicine
  216. Global Journal of Sport psychology
  217. Global Journal of Sport Management
  218. International Journal of Sports Sciences
  219. International Journal of Leisure Studies
  220. International Journal of Exercise Physiology
  221. Journal of Game Design
  222. International Journal of Physical Fitness
  223. Journal of Ergonomics
  224. International Journal of Dance
  225. Journal of Sports Coaching
  226. International Journal of Textiles
  227. International Journal of Recreation Ecology
  228. International Journal of Environmental Management
  229. International Journal of Quantum Computing
  230. International Journal of Telecommunications Engineering
  231. International Journal of Interior Design
  232. International Journal of Consumer Education
  233. Global Journal of Mechatronics
  234. International Journal of Information Theory
  235. International Journal of Photonics
  236. International Journal of Instrumentation Engineering
  237. International Journal of Surveying
  238. International Journal of Mining Engineering
  239. International Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
  240. International Journal of Structural Mechanics
  241. International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
  242. International Journal of Ecological Engineering
  243. International Journal of Coastal Engineering
  244. International Journal of Thermodynamics
  245. Global Journal of Food Engineering
  246. International Journal of Polymer Engineering
  247. IOSRD International Journal of Materials Engineering
  248. International Journal of Biochemical Engineering
  249. International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
  250. International Journal of Ceramic
  251. International Journal of Geomatics
  252. International Journal of Power Systems
  253. IOSRD International Journal of Power Electronics
  254. International Journal of Services Computing
  255. International Journal of Advanced Digital Design
  256. International Journal of Solid State Circuits



Important Date

Last date of Submission of full papers         : 31.07.2016 (Extended)


Publication Duration                                       : One Month




Mr.R.Velraj, Journal Manager, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), India.

Dr. Nouby Mahdy Ghazaly, South Valley University, Egypt.

Mrs. K. Uma, Director, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), India.

Mrs. P. Dhivya, Vice President, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), India.

Dr. K. Natarajan, President, International Organization of Scientific Research and Development (IOSRD), Ret. Professor, Anna University, Chennai

Dr. Ram Prabhu, DRDO, Ministry of Defense, India.

Prof. Dr. Usama I. Badawy, Technical University of Berlin Germany, Germany.

Dr. Najm Alghazali, Babylon University, Iraq

International Committee Members

Dr. R. Balu, Bharathiar University, India

Dr. Ghassan Akram Abed, Ministry of Science and Technology, Iraq

Dr. Parvathavarthini B, St.Josephs College of Engineering, Chennai, India

Dr. Natarajan Somasundaram, United Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Sasikala R, K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, India

Dr. Ganesh Narasimhan, RIT, Anna university, India

Prof. Rajesh Attri, YMCA University of Science & Technology, India

Dr. Kathirvel Ayyaswamy, AIHT, Chennai, India

Dr. Urmani Kaushal, Mody University of Science and Technology, India

Mr. Kundan Lal Verma, DDU Gorakhpur University, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Dr. Bharat Bhushan Sagar, Birla Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Rajesh Ramachandran, Sree Narayana Gurukulam, India

Dr. Dhanapal Ramanathan, KCS Kasi Nadar College of Arts & Sci., India

Dr. Prema Sudha, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, India

Prof. K Anoop, SRM University, India

Dr. V Jaiganesh, Anna university, India

Dr. Mohammad Israr, Dungarpur College of Engineering & Tech, India

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Dehghani, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Mr. Ali I.Al-Mosawi, Free Consultation, Iraq

Dr. Vishnu Narayan Mishra, National Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Ahmed Hashim Mohaisen, University of Babylon, Iraq

Dr. Ujjwal Agarwal, Salalah, College of Technology, Oman

Dr. Peng Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Prof. Mona Elsayed Ossman, Pharos University, Egypt

Mr. Aitizaz ali, University of management and technology lahore, Pakistan.

Dr. Amit Dineshchandra Kothari, Gujarat Technological University, India.

Dr. Debabrata Karmakar, Centre for Marine Technology and Engg., Portugal

DrBalwinder Singh, Giani Zail Singh Punjab Technical University, India

Dr. S. Jaganathan, Anna University, India

Dr. N. Ramu, Annamalai University, India

Dr. Paramasivam Kuppusamy, KSR College of Engineering, India

Prof. Gamal Tag Abdel-Jaber, South Valley university, Egypt

Dr. Manimaran Renganathan, VIT Chennai, India

Dr. Dharun V S, Noorul Islam Univeristy, India

Dr. Hireni R Mankodi, M .S. University of Baroda, India

Dr. Najm Obaid Salim Alghazali, Babylon University, Iraq

Dr. Mrinal sarvagya, REVA University, India

Dr. Sendilvelan subramanian, Dr.M.G.R. Educational and Res. Inst., India

Prof. Adrian Dumitru Olaru, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Moinuddin Sarker, Waste Technologies LLC, United States.

Dr. Sadhik Basha, Process Operations Technology International, Oman

Dr. Chandrasekar P, Professional group of institutions, India

Prof. Vijay Vir Singh, Yobe State University, India

Mr. Yahia Ahmed Zakaria Salem, Ministry of Scientific Research, Egypt



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30 USD / Page

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Important Note,

  1. List-1 (Annexure-I, Thomson Reuters (ISI) Journals, Scopus, Web of science)-Published in any one of the Journal prescribed by IOSRD committee only
  2. List-2 International Journals (Annexure-II, Scopus, EBSCO, Ulrich)-Published in any one of the author’s prescribed International journal only
  3. List-3 ( Annexure-II, Thomson Reuters (ISI) Journals, Scopus, Web of science)
  4. List-4 International Journals (ISI and Scopus Under processing, Impact Factor, Doi, Cros Ref,  Google Scholar) -Published in any one of the author’s prescribed IOSRD International journal only
  5. Please fill this form (.xl format only)  and send it via email along with a proof of the payment or bank receipt (Scanned in JPG/PDF format)
  6. The author MUST sent the Registration form, Payment proof by participants should be sent only email should be reach the Journal Manager on or before the deadline in order to finish the registration.
  7. All registered papers will be published in any one of the author’s prescribed International journal.
  8. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received in full. Payment must be made in USD or convert payment to your currency. The organizer will not accept any bank charges associated with the transfer of money.
  9. One of the authors MUST register for the publication, and MUST register before the deadline given for author registration. Failure to register before the deadline will result in automatic withdrawal of your paper from the Spl. program.
  10. List 1 Journal selection and publication based on the committee members decision only
  11. # One regular Registration fee can cover a paper within 6 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.



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