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Innovative Research 2018 Advancement in Research and Development of Electrical Discharge Drilling Process Abstract
Umesh kumar vates
Innovative Research 2018 Analysis of Switching Dynamics for Shunt and Series Converters to Improve Power Quality in Three Phase Four Wire System Abstract
Shamshul Haq Shaik
Innovative Research 2018 Auto-tagging of Research Publications using Keyword Extraction Technique Abstract
MG Thushara
Innovative Research 2018 Facial feature based authentication system from video stream Abstract
Saswati Debnath, Pinki Roy, Nilima Ahmed
Innovative Research 2018 Geometrical studies of Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) Abstract
Arti Vaish
Innovative Research 2018 Low Power Full Adder Design Using FSGDI at 65nm Technology Abstract
Laxmi Kumre
Innovative Research 2018 Mechanical behavior of Powder Metallurgy Processed Iron-Alumina-Zirconium Diboride hybrid metal matrix composites Abstract
Bhupendra Prakash Sharma, Mohd Junaid, Devarapalli Akhil
Innovative Research 2018 Numerical Methods used in the analysis of Dielectric Resonator Antenna Abstract
Arti Vaish
Innovative Research 2018 On Identifying Related Objects from a Set Abstract
Jayakumar P
Innovative Research 2018 Point of Time Analysis for target identification time using flock and feedback approach in cloud environment Abstract
Sanjay H M
Innovative Research 2018 Review Report on Dielectric Resonator Antenna Abstract
Arti Vaish
Innovative Research 2018 Setting of Urban Spaces: human perception from mediaeval to modern Abstract
Ar Safiullah
Innovative Research 2018 Simulative Investigation of FSO based Intersatellite Links under the Effect of Aperture Area Abstract
Arti Vaish
Innovative Research 2018 Studies on Physico-chemical, Textural, Micro-structural and Antioxidant Properties of Soy paneer prepared from admixtures of Skim cow milk and Soymilk. Abstract
Waqas N Baba
Innovative Research 2018 VADUT (Versatile Adaptive Devices under Test) – A Cognitive Integration of Testing and Diagnostic Tools for FPGA Testing Abstract
V Jayapradha
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