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List-1/Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems,Scopus,Multidisciplinary

Regression Analysis for the Compressive Strength of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
anita jessie, Santhi AS
Comparison of a Low Power High Speed Hybrid Adder with CMOS Adder Contains XOR module as mirror logic
Meenu Raj C

List-1/International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, SCOPUS

Paradox of Maxwell’s Demon in Generalized Probability Theory
Govindan Namboothiri

List-1/International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE), ISSN: 2227-524X, SCOPUS

Steganography Based Multi Level Model for Securing Cloud Data Storage
Adarsh Raj

List-2 /Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, ISSN: 1991-8178, Ulrich Periodicals, EBSCO HOST indexed

A Fall Detection optimized low computational algorithm with machine learning techniques
Iswarya ishu

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