Independent Domination In Permutation Graphs

  • J. Chithra Lady Doak College
  • S.P. Subbiah Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College


The permutation graph Gπ is given by (Vπ,Eπ) where π is a permutation on a finite set V={1,2,…,p},Vπ=V and for i,j Î Vπ, (i,j) belongs to Eπ if  i appears after j in its image sequence.  A subset D of V whose closed neighborhood is V in π is a dominating set of π. An algorithm for finding the domination number and strong domination number of a permutation was developed by us earlier. In this paper the procedure to investigate the independent domination number and the strong independent domination number of a permutation is established. The independent domination number and a strong independent domination number of the permutations realizing a path, complete graph, complete bipartite graph, complete tripartite are also found.


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Mar 3, 2016
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