Flow Analysis of an Automobile Radiator Operated with Nanofluid Based Coolant

  • Abhishek Jain Amity University
  • Comandur Rajasekhar Kaushik Amity University
  • Abhishek Gour Amity University


Nanofluids, the new trending fluids which are developed and researched in the present world. With the development in the technology and implementation of many innovative ideas in present world to make living more comfortable, we can see new inventions and research being done by the researchers and one such research is the invention of new class fluids called nanofluid. These new class fluids possess greater thermal properties that far better than the base fluids, being used at present. Even though these fluids are found to be better, there are some drawbacks on which research are still continuing to be performed. In the recent years, research trends show the nanofluid have attracted more and more attentions. The main driving force for the continuing research on the nanofluids is due to its wide range of applications. These nanofluids possess an outstanding potential to improve energy and convective heat transfer efficiency in several areas of science and technology. Although some of the papers and articles have reviewed and published the progress of these nanofluids in many industries showing its theoretical results, this paper focus its importance of nanofluid as a coolant in automobile parts in comparison with the water as a coolant by showing the analysis statistics of the results that were drawn through ansys fluent software where the nanofluid of different proportion were extracted. These extracted nanofluids were drawn into radiators and simulated. The simulated results were shown along with comparison with the water and concluded with some of the basic facts considering to be achieved in the future progress. This paper also sheds light on the future generation to have some idea over design aspects in which solid model of the radiator is being designed for the purpose of the paper and also about the future career involved in area of CFD if studied.

Author Biographies

Abhishek Jain, Amity University
Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Comandur Rajasekhar Kaushik, Amity University
Mechanical and Automation Department
Abhishek Gour, Amity University
Mechanical and Automation Department
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Jain, A., Rajasekhar Kaushik, C., & Gour, A. (2016). Flow Analysis of an Automobile Radiator Operated with Nanofluid Based Coolant. IOSRD International Journal of Engineering, 3(2), pp.1-6. https://doi.org/10.2202/ije.v3i2.167
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