IOSRD international journals provide publishing support to scholarly societies and educational institutions for serving them reach out to a wider audience. We publish journals under various subject domains including Engineering, Medical, Management, and Social Sciences. All the members of the Editorial Board of each Journal are renowned research masters and qualified professors in their subject area in around the world, provide a high standard of peer review and double-blind process, hybrid subscription model, and key indexing databases.
  • International Journal of Abnormal Psychology

    This precise journal referred to as International Journal of Abnormal Psychology is offers with the have a look at of extraordinary thoughts, feelings and behaviors. abnormal thoughts, feelings and behaviors may additionally or might not be part of a bigger mental illness, or psychopathology.

  • International Journal of International Relations

    This accurate account alleged International Journal of International Relations is deals with an bookish conduct that focuses on the abstraction of the alternation of the actors in all-embracing politics, including states and non-state actors, such as the United Nations (UN), the All-embracing Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and Amnesty International.

  • International Journal of European Studies

    This certain journal referred to as International Journal of European Studies is offers with a area of learn supplied via many academic colleges and universities that specializes in present developments in European integration.

  • Journal of Comparative Politics

    This accurate account alleged Journal of Comparative Politics is deals with a acreage and a adjustment acclimated in political science, characterized by an empiric access based on the allusive method. In added words allusive backroom is the abstraction of the calm politics, political institutions, and conflicts of countries.

  • Journal of Civics

    This specified journal known as Journal of Civics is deals with the  learn or science of the privileges and obligations of residents.

  • Journal of Canadian Politics

    This exact journal known as Journal of Canadian Politics is offers with Politics have existed in Canada for thousands of years, although political authority among the many native peoples earlier than the appearance of Europeans differed significantly from that which exists in a today's state.   

  • Journal of American Politics

    This unique magazine called Journal of American Politics is offers with the same time so political and so apolitical as america. politicians from faculty boards to congress are anticipated to guard their parts' hobbies with the ferocity of a wild boar, all even as politics is not any much less divisive among friends as baseball crew desire, and possibly much less in lots of places.

  • Global Journal of Industrial Organization

    This certain journal known as Global Journal of Industrial Organization is offers with a area of economics dealing with the strategic habits of companies, regulatory policy, antitrust policy and market competitors.

  • Journal of Human Resources Management

    This specific journal called Journal of Human Resources Management is offers with  the approach of recruitment, selection of employee, delivering suitable orientation and induction, supplying suitable training and the developing knowledge, evaluation of worker (efficiency of appraisal), delivering proper compensation and advantages, motivating, keeping suitable members of the family with labour and with trade unions, maintaining employees security, welfare and wellbeing with the aid of complying with labour laws of main issue state or country.   

  • Global Journal of Entrepreneurship

    This precise magazine called Global Journal of Entrepreneurship is deals with may be frightening because there may be no guarantee that the commercial enterprise will work, and the entrepreneur can also become losing money for the primary few years.

  • Journal of Decision Science

    This accurate account alleged Journal of Decision Science is deals with the abstraction of strategies for controlling beneath altitude of ambiguity in such a way as tomaximize the accepted utility.

  • International Journal of Business Ethics

    This certain journal called International Journal of Business Ethics is offers with the gain knowledge of of right industry policies and practices related to possibly controversial issues, akin to corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary obligations.


  • International Journal of Business Economics

    This certain journal referred to as nternational Journal of Business Economics is deals with a area for contributors serious about making use of fiscal thought and evaluation in trade selection making. Learn on to gain knowledge of what it takes to launch a profession in industry economics and whether or not this industry is right for you.   

  • International Journal of Economic Geography

    This distinctive journal called International Journal of Economic Geography is offers with a department of geography that deals with the relation of physical andeconomic conditions to the construction and utilization of uncooked materialsand their manufacture into completed merchandise.


  • Journal of Feminist Geography

    This precise magazine called Journal of Feminist Geography is offers with  a especially recent discourse in human geography. emerging from the women's liberation movement and feminist academic interventions inside the Sixties and Seventies, it has involved a critique of geography – as a subject with particular our bodies of know-how and set of research, subject, institutional, and teaching practices – as well as its reconceptualization.

  • International Journal of Cultural Geography

    This accurate account alleged International Journal of Cultural Geography is deals with addition of the "regional criteria" that we will applying to anniversary of the apple realms

  • Journal of Human Geography

    This distinct journal known as Journal of Human Geography is deals with the learn of the interaction between human beings and theirenvironment in detailed places and throughout spatial areas.


  • Journal of Cartography

    This special journal called Journal of Cartography is offers with the construction of maps, together with building of projections, design,compilation, drafting, and copy.   

  • International Journal of Human sexuality

    This unique journal referred to as International Journal of Human sexuality is deals with the characteristic nice of the male and woman reproductive factors.

  • Journal of Human sexual behavior

    This accurate account alleged Journal of Human sexual behavior is deals with the affiliated animal acknowledgment patterns that accept acquired as a agency of ensuring reproduction and that are a allotment of anniversary individual™s a biogenetic inheritance, and the amount of abstemiousness or added types of access exerted on the alone by association in the announcement of his sexuality.

  • Journal of Hetero Sexism

    This specified journal known as Journal of Hetero Sexism is offers with a prejudiced perspective or discriminatory practices against homosexuals through heterosexuals.

  • Journal of Feminine Psychology

    This accurate account alleged Journal of Feminine Psychology is deals with a being in control of amusing and role behaviours that are accepted to be appropriate of a babe or woman, as assorted with femaleness, which is genetically determined.

  • Journal of Computational Economics

    This precise journal called Journal of Computational Economics is deals with a reasonably new study technique in economics, but it's inexorably taking its location alongside the extra typical methods of general theory, abstract modeling, information evaluation, and the extra recent experimental economics.

  • Journal of Complexity Economics

    This unique journal known as Journal of Complexity Economics is offers with the answer of complexity science to the issues of economics fields.

  • International Journal of Bioeconomics

    This accurate account alleged International Journal of Bioeconomics is deals with a accelerating annex of amusing science that seeks to accommodate the disciplines of economics and analysis for the sole purpose of creating theories that do a bigger job of answer bread-and-butter contest application a biological base and carnality versa.

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