IOSRD international journals provide publishing support to scholarly societies and educational institutions for serving them reach out to a wider audience. We publish journals under various subject domains including Engineering, Medical, Management, and Social Sciences. All the members of the Editorial Board of each Journal are renowned research masters and qualified professors in their subject area in around the world, provide a high standard of peer review and double-blind process, hybrid subscription model, and key indexing databases.
  • Global Journal of African Studies

    The study of Africa, especially the continent's cultures and societies.
  • Journal of Anthropological Criminology

    This detailed journal known as Journal of Anthropological Criminology is deals with anthropological criminology is the study of human species and criminals. It is a branch of criminology concerned with wrongdoer identification, headquartered on comprehended relation between the nature of a criminal offense and the character of the wrongdoer. 

  • Journal of Synchronic Linguistics

    This distinctive journal called Journal of Synchronic Linguistics is deals with although in this day and age one thinks of Saussure first and foremost as the scholar who outlined the concept of 'synchronic linguistics'--the be trained of languages current at a given point in time, as opposed to the ancient linguistics ('diachronic' linguistics, as Saussure known as it to clarify the contrast) which had perceived to his contemporaries the one possible approach to the discipline--in his possess lifetime this used to be far from his primary claim to repute.

  • Journal of Diachronic Linguistics

    This specific diary called Journal of Diachronic Linguistics is manages truly implies over time, and it depicts any work which maps the movements and cracks and changes of dialects throughout the hundreds of years. In gross framework, it is like developmental science, which maps the movements and changes of rocks.

  • Journal of Ethnolinguistics

    This designated journal referred to as Journal of Ethnolinguistics is deals with  Ethnolinguistics (in many instances called cultural linguistics) is a subject of linguistics which studies the connection between language and tradition, and the best way one of a kind ethnic agencies understand the world. It's the blend between ethnology and linguistics.          

  • International Journal of Sociolinguistics

    This unique journal known as international Journal of Sociolinguistics is the study of the relation between language and society a branch of both linquistics and sociology. 

  • International Journal of Biological Anthropology

    This detailed Journal referred to as International Journal of Biological Anthropology is deals with the gain knowledge of of human organic version and evolution. Biological anthropologists search to document and give an explanation for the patterning of organic variation amongst contemporary human populations, trace the evolution of our lineage through time within the fossil report, and provide a comparative standpoint on human specialty via putting our species in the context of alternative residing primates.

  • Journal of Mathematical Statistics

    This unique journal referred to as Journal of Mathematical statistics is deals with statistics is the science that makes sense of quantitative knowledge. Statisticians describe and analyse data, making use of mathematical statistical and likelihood units. Established on these analyses, conclusions and calculated selections can also be made underneath uncertainty.

  • Global Journal of Numerical Analysis

    This specific diary called Global Journal of Numerical Analysis is manages range of arithmetic and Computer Science that makes, examines, and executes calculations for acquiring numerical answers for issues including ceaseless factors.

  • International Journal of Econometrics

    This special journal called International Journal of Econometrics is offers with  pplication of statistical and mathematical theories in economics for the rationale of trying out hypotheses and forecasting future developments. It takes monetary units, assessments them by way of statistical trials and then evaluate and contrast the outcome against actual-life examples.

  • Global Journal of Approximation Theory

    This particular journal called Global Journal of Approximation Theory is deals with developed in a method that involves approximation of services through easier capabilities. 

  • International Journal of Actuarial Science

    This specific diary called International Journal of Actuarial Science is manages actuarial Society of India and Institute of Actuaries, UK are proficient inspecting bodies which lead authentication, associateship level and cooperation level examinations and on passing these examinations applicants get to be qualified to be conceded as an Associate Member of the general public and can utilize AASI against their name as an enrolled statistician.

  • International Journal of Demography

    This distinct journal referred to as International Journal of Demography is deals with the demography of the population in Ghana is very homogenic, with very little version in race or ethnic background or in earnings level or schooling accomplished.


  • Journal of Church History

    This designated journal called Journal of Church History past is deals with the quarterly peer-reviewed journal publishes original study articles and guide reviews overlaying all areas of the history of Christianity and its cultural contexts in all locations and occasions, together with its non-Western expressions.    

  • International Journal of Pastoral Counseling

    This specific diary called International Journal of Pastoral Counseling is manages Pastoral guides are church and other people who have gotten graduate preparing in both religion and behavioral science for a clinical practice that coordinates mental and philosophical orders.

  • Journal of Pastoral Theology

    This exact journal called Journal of Pastoral Theology is offers with the be trained of what the Bible says about the place of job of pastor/elder/bishop/overseer. It applies timeless biblical actuality to instances confronted daily in church buildings and is carefully related to practical theology.

  • Journal of Religious Education Techniques

    This specific diary called Journal of Religious Education Techniques is manages writing underpins the possibility that showing grown-ups ought to be drawn nearer uniquely in contrast to showing youngsters and youths (preadults).

  • Journal of Homiletics

    This specific diary called Journal of Homiletics is offers with the day and age exposition originates from the expression lesson, which in established truth way "a sermon." Homiletics is the craft of making prepared sermons and lecturing.

  • Journal of Liturgy

    This certain journal called Journal of Liturgy is deals with has the whole thing to do with the best way folks worship in public. Actually, this noun involves us from the Greek phrase leitourgia, this means that "public carrier, worship of the gods."    

  • Journal of Conservation Biology

    This distinctive journal referred to as Journal of Conservation Biology is deals with a "mission-oriented quandary discipline" (SoulĀ© 1986), is a multidisciplinary science that has developed to handle the lack of biological variety.    

  • Journal of Corrections

    This special journal known as Journal of Corrections is offers with a reverse action, normally poor, of as a minimum 10% in a inventory, bond, commodity or index to regulate for an overvaluation. 

  • Global Journal of Criminal Justice

    This targeted journal called global Journal of Criminal Justice is deals with Careers in crook justice are discovered at the federal, state, county and regional levels, as well as in the exclusive sector.

  • Global Journal of Emergency Management

    This specific journal known as Global Journal of Emergency management is deals with the federal executive is committed to working collaboratively with provinces and territories to aid communities when disasters strike.

  • Global Journal of Fire Safety

    This targeted journal known as Global Journal of Fire Safety is deals with a bunch of equipment and/or habits designed to each cut back the chance of starting a fireplace and curb the risk of damage within the event of a fire.     

  • Global Journal of Fire Ecology

    This specific diary called Global Journal of Fire Ecology is manages Fire biology is a branch of nature that spotlights on the causes of wildland fire and it's relationship to the environment that encompasses it, both living and non-living.

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