IOSRD international journals provide publishing support to scholarly societies and educational institutions for serving them reach out to a wider audience. We publish journals under various subject domains including Engineering, Medical, Management, and Social Sciences. All the members of the Editorial Board of each Journal are renowned research masters and qualified professors in their subject area in around the world, provide a high standard of peer review and double-blind process, hybrid subscription model, and key indexing databases.
  • Journal of Museum Informatics

    This Specific Magazine referred to as Journal of Museum Informatics deals with explores the sociotechnical problems that stand up while humans, statistics, and technology engage in museums. it is evolved in particular to cope with the many demanding situations faced by museums, museum professionals, and museum visitors within the information society.

  • Journal of Conservation Science

    This precise journal known as Journal of Conservation Science is deals with the revisit this query greater than 25 years later and offer a revised set of core standards in gentle of the modified international context for conservation.     

  • Journal of Archival Science

    This unique journal known as Journal of Archival Science is deals with this journal is the most effective impartial, global, peer-reviewed magazine on archival technology, masking all elements of principle, method and exercise, with appropriate attention to the non-anglophone global

  • Journal of Citation Analysis

    This particular journal called Citation analysis is deals with the examination of the frequency, and graphs of citations in articles and books.This is one of the most widely used methods of bibliometrics.
  • Journal of Bibliometrics

    This exact journal called Journal of Bibliometrics is deals with are measures of an writer's impact or have an impact on. Quotation analysis is an area of bibliometrics research wherein citations in scholarly articles are used to establish relationships between authors or articles.   

  • Journal of Information Architecture

    This Precise Journal called Journal of Information Architecture is deals with the exercise of identifying the way to set up the elements of something to be understandable.

  • International Journal of Endodontics

    This specified journal known as International Journal of Endodontics is deals with the department of dentistry dealing with the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and medication of diseases of the dental pulp, most likely through elimination of the nerve and different tissue of the pulp cavity and its replacement with compatible filling fabric; pulp canal treatment; root canal remedy.

  • Journal of Dental Surgery

    This unique journal called Journal of Dental surgery is offers with a dentist who's ready to diagnose pathology and disorder, and performs surgical methods involving the enamel andsurrounding oral tissues. There are 9 recognized dental specialties. See dentist and dentistry.

  • Journal of Dental Hygiene And Epidemiology

    This special journal known as Journal of Dental Hygiene And Epidemiology is offers with the analysis segment of the Dental Hygiene procedure of Care is involving examining the assessment data that has been amassed.    

  • Global Journal of Dentistry

    This distinct journal called global Journal of Dentistry is deals with diagnose and treat issues with patients™ tooth, gums, and related materials of the mouth. They provide advice and instruction on taking care of the tooth and gums and on weight loss program picks that have an effect on oral well being.    

  • International Journal of Clinical Physiology

    This detailed journal referred to as International Journal of Clinical Physiology is offers with refers to the science of understanding the theory and clinical skills of the cures and analysis of the more than a few distresses and issues of the human intellect.   

  • Global Journal of Parasitology

    This precise journal called International Journal of Parasitology is deals with a branch of biological sciences (ecology) that offers with the have a look at of parasites and parasitism.

  • Journal of Molecular Genetics

    This distinct journal referred to as Journal of Molecular Genetics is deals with Molecular Genetics and Genomics (MGG) publishes peer-reviewed articles masking all areas of genetics and genomics. Any approach to the be taught of genes and genomes is regarded, be it experimental, theoretical or synthetic.   

  • International Journal of Clinical Microbiology

    This specific journal referred to as International Journal of Clinical Microbiology is deals with the department of medication that deals with the be taught of the factors, distribution, and control of sickness in populations. 

  • International Journal of Clinical Immunology

    Clinical immunology is the study of diseases caused by disorders of the immune system.
  • International Journal of Histology

    This Precise magazine known as International Journal of histology is offers with the examine of the form of systems visible below the microscope (light, electron, infrared ). also known as microscopic anatomy, in place of gross anatomy which includes structures that can be determined with the bare eye.

  • Journal of Haemostasiology

    This designated journal known as Journal of Haemostasiology is deals with the wider context of the physiology of the blood, the science of hemostaseology focuses primarily on the procedures of blood clotting, the inhibition of the coagulation pathway and the dissolution of current blood clots.   

  • International Journal of Cytology

    This certain journal referred to as International Journal of Cytology is deals with we are able to ruin down the word into two constituents. The suffix -logy, or -ology, is visible countless times in science and method 'the gain knowledge of of.' To find out what we're finding out we appear to the prefix cyto, which means 'mobile' and is derived from the Greek word kytos meaning 'hole vessel' or 'container.'   

  • Journal of Cytohematology

    This exact journal called Journal of Cytohematology is offers with the branch of science that focuses on the wellbeing and diseases of the blood. Learn on to be taught in regards to the study of blood, foremost scientific advances in hematology, and fashioned diseases that may influence the blood.    

  • Journal of Cytogenetics

    This unique magazine called journal of cytogenetics is offers with cytogenetics is an interesting, dynamic discipline of take a look at which analyzes the number and structure of human and animal chromosomes.

  • International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

    This designated journal known as International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry is deals with chemistry that deals with the chemical substances and processes taking place in organisms.    

  • International Journal of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

    This designated journal known as International Journal of Clinical Laboratory Sciences is offers with clinical study, pharmaceutical progress and medical lab evaluation are all fields that make use of medical science.   

  • International Journal of Alternative Medicine

    This targeted journal called International Journal of Alternative Medicine is offers with healthcare and cure  practices,including normal Chinesemedicine, chiropractic,folks medicine, and naturopathy, that minimizeor eschew the usage of surgical procedure and drugs.

  • Global Journal of Fluid Mechanics

    This specific journal known as Global Journal of Fluid Mechanics is offers with an essential area in the study of the behaviour of fluids equally when at relaxation and when in motion whether or not a residence preserve application such because the mains water supply, the ordinary fuel supply or industrial such because the design of the body of an car vehicle, plane, teach or the availability of electrical energy from a hydropower plant.  

  • Global Journal of Continuum Mechanics

    This specific journal called Global Journal of Continuum Mechanics is deals with mechanics examines the motions of our bodies, which are described by way of their size, shape, mass, second of inertia, function of middle of mass, velocity, momentum, electricity, and so on.

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